Ding Tips, Especially small Dings

It is human nature that cars get dings on a somewhat regular basis, unless you park on the corner parking places, yet DINGS HAPPEN. Ding repair is relatively simple and inexpensive.
Here are a few tips that will help.

Look at the damage and see whether the metal is crumpled up, if it is creased. It not, simple steps can help.
Dry Ice will help, yet first heat the damaged area and then, place the dry ice to the dent/ding, for a 5-10 seconds, before removing. Do so with the dry ice again, repeating until the ding has disappeared.
With dry ice it is recommended to wear gloves though.

There is the tapping with a rubber mallet and a piece or wood that is proportionate to the dent, ding. May sure you DO WRAP the wood in a towel, and tap gently to work the ding back into place.

The suction cup technique also is a method to in a sense, “pop dings/dents” back into place. Make sure the area is cleaned, dry, and it won’t scratch the car with any sand or other particles that could cause harm to the surface.

Many times, a professional paint and auto body repair person will use their arsenal of tools to go behind the damaged car panel and sort of manipulate the dent back to where it was before the “ding”.

These are simple do it yourself tasks that will help with simple dents and dings. We are here for you with the much more severe dents and dings. Accurate Auto is all about you, the Customer.