Hail Damage and tips to repair

Hailstorms happen out of the blue, and can tear up a car’s body, finish, and leave numerous dents, Hail damage isn’t an easy fix, and usually DOES REQUIRE a Professional Car Paint and Body Shop like Accurate Auto.

We wrote earlier about the use of heat to expand a car body that many times, can “pop a car body” back out. Dry Ice also has features that are particularly helpful in your quest to NOT have a very expensive repair job.

With “hot days, you should always have a good wax job on the your Truck, Car, Motorcycle, and use conditioner for the car’s interior, so while you are using the sun’s heat on the outside, the inside is still protected.

We mentioned in an earlier blog that Dry Ice seems to help with “tougher, more deep dents”. Let us first take a look and see how we will, CANDIDLY, evaluate it. We give our forthright opinion and prefer for a long term relationship with our customers.

That is why we have so many referrals and why our regular customers come back for specialty paint and body work. They are impressed with our care, skills at handling even these more minor repairs, and the quality of our portfolio, so they can start “thinking out of the box” for other repairs.

We even have suggest for smaller dings, certain dent repair kits. Remember this, that ACCURATE AUTO, is in this for the long haul. We care about our customers and we are all about the future.

It is always wise to seek a professionals help. That is what we are here for and why I have maintained my business for so long, YOU THE CUSTOMER.