Pricing Guide for Minor Dent Repair

Throughout life, your car with have numerous dents, from other cars, even a telephone or concrete pole, a tree, a scratch. When you have these “dings”, it is frustrating because the damage looks so simple, yet it can be highly visible, and you feel like your beautiful car is now not complete.

Since Car body repairs can at times, be quite costly, and dents are not pleasant to look at, especially by the car owner, the urgency seems to cry out to FIX ME.

Insurance for many is NOT an option as they want to save that first claim for the expensive repair. Yet, we ask that you come see us at Accurate Auto Repair and let us give you a quick analysis and give you some feedback.

Many of the simple dents are really not expensive, and certainly NOT a have to paint the entire car or the side with the ding/dent. Many times we have customers “wait until they have several “dings” to have us fix them up.

Since the smaller dents do not involve ordering car parts and it is more of a labor process, we would surely like to see what you are thinking. Let us, the car and truck experts, (and motorcycles), help you will our skills, our knowledge, and our customer compassion.

We work with most all insurance companies and will let you know what IS BEST for your vehicle.